About Us


*********** The photo is an old one of my father and myself when we where in the process of building their home here on the farm.

( I had hair back then)

How to tell you about this farm and family.

Our farm is proudly ran by myself “Rick” , Along wife my Wife Kari.

I took over upon my Fathers Passing in July of 2015. I am retired from General Contracting Business. Farming full time.

My mother Wanda lives here with us on the farm very proud and able lady at ” oops” years of age almost put her age.

My son Justin and his wife Amber live here and help all they can, both having full time jobs. Their three Boys Brendon (in college), Gabe, ( full time job x2) and Collin ( my hay rake man-loader.)

Also on the farm are My son n law Aaron, Daughter Samantha ” super mom” and three little ones Reaghan, Noah, and Ellie. Oh with the forth in the oven. They Also run and have a homestead on their own. Cedar Valley Farmstead I will put a link on the contact page.

TOGETHER we all produce fine meats including beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork. Dairy products coming soon. Also soaps, honey.